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March 19 & 20, 2021

Virtual Summit for Real Estate Investors

The #1 source and resource for building passive or active income through investing in real estate – in up markets or down markets!
Join Canada’s top in-the-trenches real estate investors, research analysts, and economic experts for 1.5 days of real estate investing education, strategies, and solutions. Learn how to make sound decisions—based on facts, not emotion—in every and any market condition!

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With The Real Estate Investment Network’s 28+ year history of guiding and leading real estate investors to financial security and certainty, we know there are incredible opportunities in times of economic confusion for investors who know what to look for, and we teach it using The Real Estate Investment Network’s Success Formulas.

If you’re new to The Real Estate Investment Network, or haven’t attended an event with us before, you should know that we are real estate investors just like you. We are not real estate agents, and we don’t sell real estate, so you can trust the information you’re receiving is always 100% authentic.

Registration Closes Soon!

Success Story

“I wish I’d attended before I started investing in real estate four years ago. This definitely made a difference in how I do real estate deals now.” – Shelley G.

Success Story

“This gave me the insights on what and how to look at investment properties. I feel empowered and knowledgeable to start looking for my next properties. Thank you!” Carole C.

You Don't Have To Worry About Your Financial Future When There Are So Many Opportunities Available in Real Estate.

We understand the confusion created by media and so called “experts” about where and how to get started real estate investing. Using The Real Estate Investment Network’s Success Formulas is a safe and proven way to create financial security and certainty.

Like you, our members were uncertain about their financial futures and worried about working well into retirement age. By engaging with The Real Estate Investment Network community and using our proven and safe methodology, they have collectively generated over $5.3 billion (growing daily) in real estate wealth.

Why Attend?

This isn’t just another generic, cookie-cutter virtual event or meetup. The Real Estate Investment Network Summit is a gathering of the top in-the-trenches real estate experts, economic leaders, research analysts, and real estate investors from across Canada. Connect, collaborate, and immerse yourself in world-class education and real estate investment strategies with completely customizable schedules and agendas!
We look forward to welcoming all levels of real estate investors and offer masterclass-type breakout sessions to serve all levels of investing.

About The Real Estate Investment Network

The Real Estate Investment Network is the sum of numerous parts. Founded in 1992, it has since been the most trusted, unbiased real estate investing resource for education, research, and investment strategies.

For over 28 years, The Real Estate Investment Network has been at the forefront to change the conversation about real estate investing. A vigorous combination of meticulous research and analysis, brass tack economic fundamentals, strategic investing systems, exceptional market specialists, and solid industry leaders all contribute to world class, relevant education and development, accessible to all real estate investors.

The dynamic and noteworthy team at The Real Estate Investment Network is a collective of game changers, empowering leaders, and successful entrepreneurs. Together, they collaborate with purpose to advance the community experience for new investors and seasoned professionals alike.

Decades of hands-on experience and real estate investing analysis allows them to effectively create and support an environment for investors to thrive in their business of real estate investing and achieve their financial security and certainty. You can count on The Real Estate Investment Network Team to deliver relevant, authentic, and meaningful resources, always with commitment and intention for an exceptional Member experience.

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