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Fast-Track Your Business To The Front Of The Line
And Capture The Attention Of An Eager, Proven
Audience Who Is Looking For And Ready To Buy
YOUR Products And Services

In today’s connected world, it can sometimes be difficult to elevate your brand and business above the noise and get noticed by an audience who is ready to buy. There are a lot of competing offers out there, and busy, successful prospects have limited attention spans to search out the best solution for their needs.

But what if you could get in front of the most successful investors and entrepreneurs who have a track record of growing real estate investing businesses, investors who pay for the training, support, and services they need to run their expanding businesses? What if you could position your brand in front of this audience and have the opportunity to share your business’ story with a group of people who have the money to buy?

If you’re looking for an investment-savvy audience that is primarily 31-55 years old, both male and female, with more than 60% earning above $100,000 per year, then we can help you capture their attention and attain a preferred position at the top of their minds.

If you are…

… if you provide any kind of product or service to real estate investors, this is for you.

** Even if your product or service is not exclusively for real estate investors but would appeal to this demographic, you should keep reading. After all, our audience is ultimately investing to enhance their lifestyle. For that reason, we’ve worked with brands like Porsche, Hugo Boss, and Callaway Golf.

There’s A Simple Way To Gain The Attention Of The Right Market
One of the best strategies for gaining attention for your brand is not to wait for your customers to come to you but rather to go out to where your best customers are already spending their time.

There is a simple way to get in front of hundreds of active, successful real estate investors – to introduce yourself, share your story, and demo your offer.

The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) hosts regular educational events where hundreds of paying participants join us to learn, network, and find the resources they need to grow their businesses.

Who Is REIN And
How Can We Help You Get More Clients?
REIN is a leader in real estate investing education and empowerment. Since 1992, we’ve worked with over 25,000 Members worldwide who have collectively purchased over $4.6 Billion worth of real estate.

Our Members rely on us to help guide them as they build wealth and secure financial independence – a financial freedom that they simply won’t get through a conventional career or equity investments. For our thousands of Members, we have become synonymous with high quality education, training, and support that delivers sensible and systematic strategies to create consistent cash flow and long-term wealth.

REIN is a proven and credible provider of market research, analysis and market opinion to the local and national TV, radio and print media outlets. Additionally, we are Canada’s leading media go-to source for real estate commentary.

Our Members participate in our online forums, they read our magazines, they build a library of our books, they rely on our coaching and advisory services… and they attend our regular events. We have a very active, engaged Membership who invest in themselves.

For example, we regularly hold 2 day weekend events (+ a Friday night bonus) in 4 major cities, with plans to expand beyond this. These events are attended by hundreds of active and qualifed real estate investors focused on growing their real estate portfolios and enhancing their lifestyles as a result.

We are Canada’s longest-running monthly seminar series, and Canada’s top rated, most favored Investment Network.

In short, we have the attention of a large and growing premium demographic that is eager and proven to invest in themselves, their education, and their businesses. And we’re looking for a few businesses that want to get in front of this audience.

We Want To Work With You
We offer limited sponsorship opportunities at our 2 day events, which puts your brand, your business, and your offerings front-and-centre, positioning you as a value-adding member of a real estate investor’s success and lifestyle.

Imagine the significance of having your name boldly displayed during an event, enjoying exclusive positioning with a back-of-the-room table, and even having a chance to communicate to a rapt audience. You’ll get massive exposure during our events, locking your brand into the minds, hearts, and wallets of those who are looking for your services. That’s a powerful usiness-building strategy that advertising, marketing, and social media alone cannot match.

Here’s why businesses like yours love sponsoring REIN events:

Proactively go where your best customers are: Why spend time and money on low-returning marketing strategies that blast out your message to an unqualified audience and HOPE they see your message, visit your site, and learn about you… when you can instead go right to your best audience and get in front of them?

Share your value with an eager audience of proven buyers: Nearly 100% of the audience at our events is made up of attendees who have paid to be there, and many are recurring REIN Members who pay a Membership fee. In addition, our Members actively invest in their own education and business growth, making them an ideal audience of buyers.

By participating in events alongside REIN and other vendors, you position yourself as an elite brand, elevating your business to a higher level in the eyes of your potential market.

Higher ROI on lead-generation and customer conversion: Many low-cost marketing strategies result in lower conversion rates and a large number of price-sensitive prospects who require a lot of hand-holding through the sales process.

Multiple opportunities to participate: One size doesn’t fit all! There are several ways that you can choose to participate in our events — choose the one that works for you.

We have three sponsorship programs available to choose from – Pearl, Emerald, and our best value: Diamond.

Please contact to inquire about pricing.
Sponsorships Are Limited
We only host a few events per year. Therefore, you’ll only get a few opportunities to participate as a sponsor so be sure to book now to ensure that you can participate in an upcoming event.

**NOTE: We will only accept ONE Diamond sponsor per event and it’s offered on a first-come, first-served basis. So be sure to contact us immediately to secure a Diamond sponsorship.

What To Do Now
If you would like to become a sponsor and get your brand in front of hundreds of lucrative and willing-to-buy customers in a premium demographic – and position your business in a way that you simply cannot achieve through marketing and social media – become a REIN event sponsor today.

Simply contact us today by emailing or by calling 780-461-2255.

There is no better way to get your brand positioned as rapidly in front of such a lucrative audience. But remember: sponsorship positions are limited to only a few events per year (and 1 Diamond sponsor per event) so contact us today.