REIN Ambassadors

REIN Ambassadors

A complete list of all REIN Ambassadors. These sophisticated real estate investors have aligned themselves with over 20 years of experience in the industry – align yourself with them.

Shannon P. Murree

Shannon Murree is a Speaker and business woman offering various services in real estate from investing to property management. Shannon firmly believes in Empowering people to overcome reservations if first time investors and learning how to build their own financial independence, create wealth and real estate investment portfolio. Read More

Betty Anne Tarini

Betty Anne Tarini cut her baby teeth on Calgary real estate. Her father was buying up revenue property in the Kensington area when she was a very little girl and would often remark that he "made far more money in Real Estate than in the floor covering business." She internalized the message that investing in real estate was the key to building wealth over the long term. Read More

Richard Martyn

Richard Martyn has a unique skill set that not only allows him to be a successful Real Estate Investor, but he also has the ability to help others in creating wealth and prosperity for themselves. He truly "walks the talk, as he follows proven successful Real Estate Investing Strategies that he personally has used to create a significant investment portfolio and net worth. Read More

Francis Theriault

Francis has a strong background in economic development. Between 1995 and 2011, he has directed hundreds of economic projects in a variety of sectors, from information technology, to tourism, youth and green energy. Read More

Eric Peters

I grew up in a small town in northern B.C. Through my childhood and youth, my parents involved me in many aspects of real estate development and investing, since that was part of their livelihood. In 1970 I moved to Edmonton, where I earned a Science degree and Teaching Diploma from the University of Alberta. Soon after graduation I started a printing business, which my wife and I grew and then sold almost two decades later. I like to describe myself as University trained with real world experience. Read More