Transportation Report Reveals Areas to Watch in Ottawa and Ottawa Region

On January 24, 2020

All-new Transportation Formula guides homebuyers and investors to identify regions of expected growth, while the Transportation Effect shows where and what to buy, right down to the metre and property type, for dramatic property value and rent premiums

Ottawa, ON: The Real Estate Intelligence Network (REIN) has created a proprietary, breakthrough transportation formula, which it has published for the first time in its Transportation Effect Report for Ottawa and Ottawa Region. This seminal report is the output of robust data and keen analysis compiled by REIN, Canada’s venerable and most trusted source of real estate education for more than 27 years.

Building and maintaining infrastructure is critical to the economy of a city. Transportation impacts business development, housing starts and neighbourhoods in transition, community growth, and quality of life for commuters. The Transportation Effect Report is regarded by investors as critical and unbiased information about current and future property values and rents. “At a regional level, we are thrilled to publish REIN’s all-new Transportation Formula, which guides investors and homebuyers to clearly identify areas of future real estate growth,” says Jennifer Hunt, Vice-President of Research, REIN.

Applying REIN’s Transportation Effect Formula, the report drills into specific neighbourhoods, even down to the metre. Highlighted in this report is analysis that points to significant economic development and residential growth across the Ottawa Region, which requires significant investment in Light Rail Transit (LRT) and highway upgrades. Alternative modes of transportation, called active modes (bicycling, walking), are also noted. Readers will learn which neighbourhoods to watch that are impacted by new transportation infrastructure and upgrades so as to make better informed investment decisions, as well as gain insight into the Ottawa’s economic development initiatives. Highlights include description and analysis of:

The Ottawa Transportation Effect Report addresses several key issues, including:

  1. Why transportation is a critical factor in real estate investing;
  2. What areas and types of properties to consider for acquisition or to avoid given proximity to new infrastructure and/or upgrades to existing infrastructure;
  3. Where current projects are funded and about to break ground in Ottawa and Region, and what future projects are approved or at the concept phase; and
  4. Analysis of the projects and where and when an investor might be advised to take action.

Don R. Campbell, Senior Real Estate Analyst for REIN, says, “Strategic investors make decisions based on many key factors, and transportation changes rank near the top. Areas receiving transportation upgrades or new infrastructure are clear signals that the areas newly serviced are areas to be watched. For most people, buying a house is the largest investment they will make in their lifetime, and our transportation reports will help them make a strategically right decision.”

Since the publication of REIN’s first breakthrough transportation reports in 2009, REIN continues to research and study current and proposed transportation projects across Canada and publish studies on their impact on residential, multi-family and commercial properties.

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